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Is the online dating game harder for Asian men?

Last Update : January 19, 2017

The Internet has opened the doors for singles from anywhere in the world, belonging to any background, and who have different preferences, to meet like-minded people in their area, but do all users actually have the same chances when it comes to finding love online?

The opportunities might be the same, but recent studies showed that online dating is far more difficult for Asian men, especially those living in occidental territory.

The dating website OK Cupid conducted this particular study which expanded from 2009 to 2014, and reflected the behaviour of around 25 million users (accounts).

There may have not been massive changes over the years, but the tendency reflected that users preferred to date someone from their own race, and while Asian women were actively contacted by men from other races, and backgrounds, Asian males, as well as Black men, were less likely to be approached by female users.

Have racial preferences in online dating changed in the last years?

As experts in the dating, and psychology fields suggested more recently, Asian men still have to play harder in order to get a date online, at least, it happens when they try to find a partner while living abroad.

The issue is not only limited to online dating. In fact, this kind of behaviour can be seen in any day to day interaction as it mirrors how our society works.

Asian-based dating platform betting on cross-border love

Nevertheless, there are some matchmakers like Asian Dating that offer users the chance to meet singles from Singapore, and the opportunity to connect with unattached men, and women living in other countries as well, regardless their history, and cultural values.

Some of them may be from oriental background, and others may have occidental ascendancy.

In such way, it is easier for Asian men to start an interracial love story without prejudices if they wish to.