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Sharing similar ideas, and interest are key in a serious relationship. For numerous singles finding a soul mate is not based on luck, but rather the things they have in common.

Matchmakers enable you to better target suitable potential partners. The Best Matchmaking Dating Sites from our ranking, examine your character, your tastes and preferences, so they are able to present you with a list of Singaporean matches that meet your desires. Meeting like-minded men/women has never been that easy!

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Singles with common values and interests attract each other

Websites to find love are very popular in Singapore. You can find dating sites where you can find your soul mate through a filtered search, and others where you are connected to other Singaporean singles after completing a personality test.

Start meeting local singles with Academic Singles!

Why matchmakers are very popular? Affinity is essential in a serious relationship, and these kinds of platforms take into account compatibility between singles looking for a romance.

People say that opposites attract each other, but it seems that having many aspects in common with your partner is important if you want to make your relationship work.

If you agreed on how your relationship is built, where you want it to take you, and also share some values, and goals with your loved one, it will be easier to make it last.

Why would you share your life with someone who does not have the same relationship aspirations or do not share the same passions? Relying only on physical chemistry will not take you too far, so besides that, there should be some kind of affinity between you two!

How do matchmaking dating websites work?

Affinity-dating sites use sophisticated compatibility algorithms to enable you to find your real soul mate, basically, a guy/girl that really fits you psychologically, emotionally, and intellectually.

When joining one of these matchmakers, you need to solve a scientifically proven test that measures your personality type.

There are some websites that also measure other aspects like your IQ or EQ levels, or attributes such as your inquisitiveness, your degree of social involvement, your conscientiousness, etc.

The results of your tests then are used to create potential matches, which means that you are presented with suggestions of other singles living in your area, and who are highly compatible with you.

The main objective is to connect singles from all over Singapore taking into account specific traits of, among other things, their personality.

Why would matchmaking make dating more efficient?

Matchmaking questionnaires measure affinity between individuals, so once you take the test, you will be introduced to other like-minded singles.

Firstly, it is time efficient! Secondly, it gives you a higher chance of meeting someone who shares similar interests, values, and hobbies!

Matchmaking dating sites analyses love as a calculation: some factors may assist you in finding your Miss or Mr. Perfect very quickly.

Once you start messaging your matches, you will be already half-way to finding your significant other!

It is a match!

Are you an action or a comedy film fan? Do you listen to Hip Hop, Reggae or Rock? Would you rather have a big steak or do you prefer vegan meals?

Do you fantasize about going to see the Northern Lights in Iceland or lying under the Caribbean sun? All your personal preferences matter, they are the features that make you unique.

Luckily, there are individuals who have the same principles, and standards. These people are waiting to meet you, and make a connection based on your mutual affinities: hobbies, desires, interests, etc.

We all need a mate with whom we can be entirely ourselves, and we all need to be able to show our true personality as we create our long-term relationship.

Our ranking of affinity-based dating websites only contains those platforms that have a good reputation, basically those with high-quality profiles. These sites will match you with other singles in Singapore; some of them may become friends, but, depending on affinity, and how you play your cards, one of them can become the love of your life!

Affinity is one of the key elements that make serious relationships a success

Serious relationships work efficiently when many factors are aligned. It is important to connect with your partner at all levels. Great communication, and being highly compatible undoubtedly is key!

The concept of affinity may be defined as having similar interests, and a personality type, for example, but there is much more than that.

Matchmakers evaluate their users’ personality, but also other aspects like their behavior, values or desires. The objective is the creation of matches considering all the following aspects.

Physical affinity

The duty of a matchmaking dating website is to connect singles taking into account traits like the chemistry between the users. This is known as physical affinity. In your profile, you can add a description of what are your preferences when it comes to the physical appearance of your ideal partner. The system then puts you in contact with these singles that really meet your expectations.

In spite, the looks should not be the only thing that matters when dating or flirting, it really is an important factor. Thus, make sure that you grab other users’ attention with your nicest photos.

To succeed in online dating, you should show other users how you actually look like. Your gallery could initially be one of your best weapons. After all, this is what people tend to look first.

Intellectual, and social affinity

As mentioned previously, sharing interests, and intellectual, and emotional levels is essential. This is what is called, social, and intellectual affinity. When it comes to online dating, it basically means that you are connected to those singles who share the same hobbies, and capacities. To make your profile to stand out, simply fill up the sections that talk about your passions as well as your educative, and professional background. In that way, it will be easier to find someone who really matches your preferences.

Internal affinity

The last one is the called internal affinity. This one refers to when people have the same life values, and goals. If both parts know what kind of relationship want, and where they want it to take them, communication will be much easier! Remember to include a captivating description in your online dating profile about what your relationship aspirations are. This will be really useful to filter your potential matches, and you will find your significant other sooner!

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