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Our best dating sites ranking has been created to help you find the best match for you! We help you choose the best dating site in Singapore so you can meet your perfect partner and start your love story!

How to use a dating site ranking?

Our site offers you different free services:

You can quickly identify the dating sites that will meet your criteria.  With the help of our comparison table, you’ll be able to efficiently target which site will be the most adequate for you. 

  • Are you looking for a serious relationship? You can choose from one of our selected dating sites that you’ll find next to the icon showing a serious relationship.
  • Are you looking for a dating site to find casual dates and to start having fun while dating?
  • Do you want to meet somebody to share your affinities with? Find now a matchmaking dating sites.
  • Are you a senior and you would like to meet like-minded singles? We highly recommend you to take a look at our selection of senior dating sites.

How to find out the strengths and prices of a dating site?

The vast majority of dating sites will let you sign up for free. However, many of those dating sites won’t let you get in touch with other interesting profiles directly unless you have a Premium membership. A free dating site doesn’t tend to be very efficient if you’re looking to find a serious relationship. Singles that are willing to take a step forward true love and a serious relationship tend to look for dating sites with Premium memberships. That’s  why, dating sites with a paid membership offer the first filter to find a match: if people are not looking for a long-term and serious love story, they will go to free dating sites.

If you want to know how much it will cost to join a community with serious single men and women, you can check our full dating sites reviews by clicking on “Read review” that you will find in the ranking on our homepage.

The dating sites’ reviews carefully created by our team aim to help you anticipate the profile of a dating site without having to sign up. Our expert team has made their best to stay neutral so you can delve into the insights and the main features of a dating site and target its strengths and weaknesses. One of the most important elements to consider when investigating a dating site is the presence or the lack of fake profiles.

Most of the dating sites we recommend on our ranking require a premium membership, as we believe that they offer a far better service and they are less likely to host scammers (as they can easily go to free dating sites).

Prices for memberships depend on the dating site and the services each of the dating sites offer. Some dating sites offer basic memberships from $20/ month to contact as many singles as you’d like to (with unlimited messaging), while other dating sites have great matchmaking tools to find the most like-minded singles and put them in touch. These matchmaking dating sites tend to offer a slightly more expensive service (usually starting around $30/month) as they are normally very efficient and they have a great success rate.

How to be sure to choose the right dating site?

First thing, we recommend you to list what you’re looking so you can compare the different criteria of the dating sites you’ll find in this ranking: serious dating, matchmaking dating, etc.

Make sure to think about the ideal age of your perfect partner as our team has researched about the average age of the members of each dating site.  You will easily find out if a given dating site has a young, middle age or senior community.

Finally, make sure to make a mental note with the results you’d like to ideally find on a dating site. Some singles would simply like to start dating and to meet lots of singles around them, while others will be looking to find like-minded singles with many affinities between them: in which case a matchmaking dating site would be recommended.

How to get in touch with our team?

Our team is easily reachable by email. Feel free to send your suggestions to [email protected]. We will make our best to answer as soon as possible.

We are also open to any publication request and we would also consider an editorial partnership with you. If you’d be interested, please send us an email and we will give you further information.

All content published on our site is subject to copyright and cannot be reused without our agreement. Our videos and infographics can, however, be republished on your site for free: get in touch with us for more information!

If you have any doubt, we recommend you to take a look at our FAQ & Tips section.

Thank you and enjoy your visit!