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Academic Singles

Academic Singles is one of the leading dating platforms for well-educated singles who expect to find online the love of their life. A great dating site for you if you are looking for high-quality profiles.

This elite dating site offers you the chance to meet sophisticated and demanding singles -most of them have a bachelor’s degree or higher education level- through an open-minded community of singles from Singapore.


IAmNaughty is a leading dating site aimed at attractive Singaporean singles in the search for a casual affair.The service belongs to the group Bulova Invests, which specializes in the creation of dating sites that connect singles with the intention to have fun, and who want to enjoy grown-up entertainment.


Singles50 is becoming one of the most popular for singles in Singapore. A senior dating site specializing in a long-term and meaningful relationship with a great success rate.Part of the renown dating site Be2, Singles50 offers a great online dating experience with high-quality profiles and a very dynamic community of singles looking to engage with one another.


Be2 is one of the world’s leading dating websites for singles over 30 in the search for a long-lasting relationship.This Matchmaking dating site expanded its dating services to Singapore in 2008 and since then, around 326.000 singles have joined its community on this side of the world.