#DatingMyth or reality?

The dating universe, and the world of relationships are not closed to interpretation, in spite, what many experts in the field may assure. However, very often you can find statistics that show that people tend to follow certain roles, and follow particular rules, and trends when it comes to initiating, defining, and having a serious relationship or finding a new partner, whether it is through an online dating site or other less, in current social standards considered, conventional methods. These kind of unspoken, but well-established “rules” have become like a must-follow dating, and relationship tips for many singles trying to find long-lasting love, and for those who already are a couple. Nonetheless, are those dating trends real facts or simply urban legends, and people really do not follow them at all? In our weekly “Dating: myth or reality?” chronicles, we question, and analyze popular dating facts, from both men’s, and women’s perspective, and check which are the current trends when it comes to romance.

Dating myth or reality? – Cooking dinner at home on the third date

If you’ve found a great match on one of the best SG dating sites, a crucial moment when you start dating someone new is when you invite him/her to your place to enjoy a romantic dinner together. A very intimate moment. But how does it really work? Discover the best[…]

singles attractive people speed date

Dating myth or reality? – Singles tend to go for attractive people on speed dates

Attractive singles have always been more approached. It is said that most single men, and women, when looking for a potential partner whether it is on a nightclub or a dating site, what they tend to notice first is their date’s looks. The dating hypothesis: Singles tend to go for[…]

opposites attract

Dating myth or reality? – Opposites attract

We have always heard that opposites attract. There is something appealing in dating someone who can discover you a new world of possibilities. Someone with an antagonistic character who complements you, and keeps a balance in your relationship. But do really people are attracted to those who are just like[…]

love first sight

Dating myth or reality? – Most daters believe in love at first sight

Some people have the conviction that a first kiss can reveal a lot about their date, and even be a decisive factor in a potential relationship. However, traditionally, in a first date, sight has even played a more important role. First impressions matter! In fact, it is commonly said that[…]

becoming exclusive

Dating myth or reality? – Couples wait from six to eight dates before becoming exclusive

Taking the step of transforming your date into your long-term partner requires a lot of thought. Some people need just a few dates to know that the person they have been seeing is the right one. Other singles need more time to know in depth their date to prove they[…]

face to face breakups

Dating myth or reality? – Millennials tend to avoid face-to-face breakups

The online dating revolution has eased the way singles connect, mingle and initiate relationships. Getting a potential date has never been as comfortable, and fast as when using dating platforms, but new technologies have also changed the way people break up.

senior singles

Dating myth or reality? – Senior singles do not use online dating

The dating game has significantly changed in the past decade. Years ago, younger singles had to meet a new partner while going out to a nightclub or relied on friends and family members to get a date. They even tried to their luck looking for a potential match among their[…]

relationship advice

Dating myth or reality? – People rely on friends for dating and relationship advice

In the dating universe, you can find plenty of relationship gurus and experts that help lonely hearts to find love by providing some dating advice and guidance. Modern singles can also discover some dating and flirting tips -from how to succeed on a first date to how to make your[…]

longer couple less divorce

Dating myth or reality? – The longer couples wait to get married, the less likely to divorce

Years ago, singles used to get married at an early age, and relationships lasted a life-time. Most daters ended up tying the knot with their school sweethearts, and their relationships became an inspiration for many youngsters who dreamed about experiencing a similar love story: finding someone special with whom to[…]

Dating myth or reality? – People tend to look for highly attractive partners

Having a good appearance has always been important to attract a potential date. Nowadays, in the era of selfies and fake poses, it seems that the dating scene has gone to this extreme as well. Matchmaking sites and apps like Tinder, with its profile swiping tool that works as a[…]