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Compare and choose the best SG dating site for you! Our dating experts's team has tested and reviewed the best dating sites in Singapore in 2021! Meet your perfect match today!

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Best Dating Sites Singapore - Review IamNaughty

9.4 Out of 10

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Best Dating Sites Singapore - Review 40sDating

8.7 Out of 10

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Academic Singles
Best Dating Sites Singapore - Review Academic Singles

8.3 Out of 10

Start talking to high-quality profiles and meet your perfect academic match!

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Find the best dating sites - July 2024

Online dating has become the most popular way to meet singles from all over Singapore, and potential soul mates as well.

Nowadays, as there is a lot of dating sites in the market, it may be difficult to choose one that really meets your expectations.

This is why we have created this ranking.

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We have tested, reviewed, and listed the Best Dating Sites in 2021 in Singapore, so you can easily find the love of your life. Look no further, here probably it is the perfect dating platform for you!

The best way to find love

Dating sites are becoming more popular every day, and it really is not a big surprise. Technologies have become are a very important part of our daily lives, and now, to try to find love in the digital world is something that has been normalized.

Nowadays, people (at least, plenty of them) are so immersed in their busy daily routines that practically have no time to find a partner in a traditional way. What are the odds of finding your Mr. or Miss Right in the office or your social circle? There is one in a million chance, so this is why many singles now prefer to try their luck by joining an online dating site.

The number of dating sites is constantly growing, and you will definitely not find the usual “30-years-old man looking for a lovely lady to grow old with” ad in your local paper anymore.

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Websites designed to ease singles the process to find love basically connect them take into considerations aspects like their interests, location, age or personality type as well as their relationship expectations.

A man looking for a serious relationship can now find easily a like-minded woman online with whom he can share the rest of his life and vice versa.

A woman in the search for a one-night stand can also easily find the perfect adventurous partner online!

Keep in mind that this ranking is a non-exhaustive list, but a classification that will give you an idea of which ones are the best dating sites in Singapore, so in that way, it will be easier for you to find your perfect match!

Finding your desired relationship thanks to our ranking

How can the Best Dating Sites ranking help you to find your significant other? By saving you time!

You will no longer need to search the web for dating sites that suit your needs, and then start to test all of them individually. Our team has done the work for you!

We have chosen, reviewed, and ranked the best online dating sites in Singapore. Now, you can sit back, relax, and check out our reviews to find the appropriate platform for you.

Finding your perfect match, whether it is for a serious relationship or a casual one, is just a click away!

Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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Select the best dating site for your needs

The dating market has expanded to different niches over the years. You can find dating sites that cater to all needs. From singles who look for a lifetime partner to people in the search for something casual.

Our ranking for the best dating sites include various categories, so finding love has never been easier!

Simply select a category that suits you: serious, matchmaking or casual dating sites. Then, have a look at our reviews, and the dating sites comparator to find the right one for you. Before you know it, you will be in your new lover’s arms!

Make your online dating success by selecting the appropriate dating platform, the one that meets your needs. You do not want to waste time on one where your matches do not meet your criteria.

Serious dating sites

The most popular websites for romance in Singapore are serious dating sites. It seems that the vast majority of Singaporean singles want to find long-lasting love, and serious dating sites can really make it possible.

The idea is to connect singles from various ages ranges considering their aspirations regarding romance.

Matchmaking dating sites

Affinity-based dating sites are favorites too! They use advanced algorithms to match you with other singles who are highly compatible with you. Meeting a man interested in a long-term relationship is not impossible. Maths, among other factors, plays an essential part when finding your partner online. The same happens with men looking for serious women. Before you know it, you will find your soul mate!

Casual dating sites

If you are into temporary relationships, you can also find lots of casual dating sites in Singapore that give you the opportunity to meet scores of singles looking for a no strings attached adventure.


Love in the Golden Age: Top SG Dating Sites for over 50

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Building a relationship takes time and patience

Finding the perfect partner may not be easy, so be patient because building a serious relationship takes considerable time.

The same happens when it comes to casual dating. You would need to take some time to seduce the other person.

There were some times where you will be contacted by men/women who you may not be interested with, but politely tell them you prefer to have a friendship. If that particular person is not the men/women of your dreams, does not mean that he/she cannot be a really good friend!

Be realistic as well! You will not find a prince charming or supermodel on these sites. You will, however, find nice, and down to earth single

Singaporean men, and women, just like you, looking for their soul mate or for a temporary lover, depending on the website you are using.
If you want to increase your chances, make sure you create an amazing profile, and upload your best photos. Then, contact those users who caught your attention, and if there is a mutual interest, make sure the conversation flows. Finally, try to get his/her phone number or email address to schedule a first date!

5 factors to keep in mind while looking for your potential partner:

  1. Complete your profile, and give as much information as possible about what type of relationship you are looking for.
  2. Contact people that match your preferences.
  3. Given the number of users, remember that patience is key. Do not forget to look at their criteria too!
  4. Be gracious, and respectful to everyone, even when someone you are not interested in contacts you.
  5. Be true to yourself, and keep an optimistic attitude. It is possible to really find a long-term partner or casual lover on an online dating site.
Online Dating: The Guide

Online Dating: The Guide

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Online dating: Tips and advice

Online dating: Tips and advice

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Guide to the Best Dating Sites

Guide to the Best Dating Sites

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