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#Video – Love overseas: The dating culture in the United States

Last Update : September 14, 2017

Finding love in Singapore is relatively easier nowadays than years ago thanks to the introduction of serious online dating sites which give you the possibility to connect with lots of singles who meet your expectations of a potential partner.

But, is online dating popular overseas as well? We have carried out a study that analyzed the dating culture in the United States.

A considerable number of American couples initiate their love story online

As the following video, and infographic show, a significant amount of single men, and women living in the States -in particular New York, Idaho State, and Washington- really rely on online platforms aimed to help people finding their perfect match.

Currently, nearly four of every 10 American couples meet online, and nearly half of them use dating websites for that purpose.

In spite the technological changes in the romance industry, many singles still find the ideal partner offline, especially at the office or through friends, and family.

What it is obvious is that Americans are really into to world of dating, whether online or offline. In fact, around 40 million of them are considered to be addicted to it.

A significant number of Americans terminate their relationship online

The magic of love is highly present on the digital world, but the Internet has also served as a safe space for those who seek to easily split up with their partner. Nowadays, thousands of couples living in the United States begin their relationship online, but digital breakups are becoming a tendency as well. Over half of Americans admitted they used social networks, SMS, and emails to make their commitments to come to an end.

All in all, it seems that, in spite many American singles still find their significant other offline, the dating culture in the United States is becoming more digital, and undoubtedly, online dating sites play a key role in creating new relationships across the country.