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#Video – Find your best match on Tinder

Last Update : September 14, 2017

Since its creation on May 2011, the matchmaking app Tinder has built a network of 50 million estimated users over the globe, and currently it is one of the best players in the dating market in terms of connecting singles who are attracted to each other.

But, what is Tinder’s mission? Do really men, and women use the popular app to find their soul mate or it simply works as another casual dating platform where users search for a temporary affair?

If you are looking for a serious relationship you may have a chance of finding your ideal partner in Tinder, but less than 30% of people currently using the app are really into looking for their significant other, a recent study showed.

What matters is to get a first date

As the story from this video -which is based on the previously mentioned research, and the results can be seen in this infographic– explains, the dating platform specialises on providing dates.

Basically what the app does is to connect singles, and often open-minded couples as well, who have the intention of having a first date with someone who they are physically attracted to, regardless the type of relationship they are looking for, at least initially.

In the platform you can see people in the search mainly, for friendship, and a hook up, and secondly, for a long-lasting relationship.

The leading matchmaking app

Since its appearance, the dating platform has created 26 million matches, and nine million of them lead to a date.

Undoubtedly, it is obvious that Tinder leads the mobile dating market when it comes to the creation of ideal matches, and prospective dates. It may seem like a dream come true for those romantic idealists looking for love online, however, in reality, the final goal for most of its users is to meet other attractive men, and women, single or already attached, to initiate a casual relationship, or for a one-night stand.