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The rules of casual dating

Last Update : October 4, 2016

Online dating has become a very successful, and profitable business in Singapore.

There are many dating platforms, some even nationally-based, dedicated to connect singles who are looking for a long-lasting relationship, but if you are in that moment of your life where you want to focus on yourself, and simply feel free to get involved in new experiences in good company without the pressure of being tied into a serious commitment, then there is an immense casual dating market for you to enjoy.

Casual dating: flirting, hook-ups, friendship with benefits, and erotic games

Singledom has many advantages. You can keep your options open, and have several adventures with no commitments. It all depends on the type of casual relationship you are looking for, and about finding the right play mate to make your inner desires come true.

If your idea is to flirt or virtually play an erotic game with an attractive guy/girl or connect with other open-minded singles from all over Singapore with the intention of enjoying a one-night stand or initiating a friendship with benefits, then, casual dating platforms like C-date really suit your needs!

Finding the perfect casual partners

Despite casual dating it is mainly about having fun, experimenting, and remaining commitment-free, there are some rules you should follow in order to avoid awkward situations or getting yourself emotionally hurt.

The first thing you would need to do is to clear your mind, and decide what exactly you want to take from your casual dating experience. You should be ready to put your feelings to one side, and simply learn to enjoy physically with other daters.

Years ago it was more difficult to find the ideal partner with whom to get intimate temporarily, but nowadays, thanks to platforms like C-date, you can meet scores of Singaporean singles who are in the search for naughty men/women with whom to share their erotic fantasies.

The way casual dating sites work is similar to how classic dating websites operate. You basically have to answer a few questions about your sexual preferences, and expectations, and then the platform will present you with the best potential casual matches.

All you would need to do then is to find out a little bit more about your online play mate, make sure you both are in the same boat -basically ensuring you are into the same erotic games- and if so, bring out your best seduction tricks, let yourself go, and take the pleasure to experience every single minute of your ardent encounter (online and/or offline)!