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Single? Get ready to fall in love again!

Last Update : January 19, 2017

Singledom has many advantages. You are in charge of everything that is happening in your private life, you can flirt with as many singles as you want to, you have more space in bed at night, and the most important thing is that happiness only depends on you!

However, sharing your life with someone who is passionate about the same things you are, and who has the same values, can really be very gratifying.

Find that special one in a matchmaking website

If you think that time has come to find a potential romantic partner, then you can have a try at the dating platform Be2.

The famous matchmaking platform offers Singaporean singles the opportunity to find love thanks to a scientifically proven personality test.

The idea is that to answer a questionnaire that includes around 60 questions that measure different aspects of your personality, and then, taking into consideration your results, you are presented with profiles of like-minded singles living in your area.

The site includes geo-targeted search, so if you live in Bedok for example, and you are looking for meeting nearby singles who also want to start a serious relationship, then it will be easier for you to connect with them.

Tips to make your dating life a success

There are many ways to ensure you are taking the most of your dating life. Your goal is to find the perfect partner for you, so trust your gut, but also keep your options open. Consider the following dating advice guide in order to increases your chances of finding love.

  • Create an awesome dating profile, check it regularly, and contact the users who you really think that are a fit for you!
  • Make your dating life a priority. Family, friends, and of course your job, and hobbies are important, but make sure that you spend some time going out on dates, and meeting other singles.
  • Be realistic! The perfect man/woman does not exist, but this does not mean that you will never find your Mr./Miss Right. Simply keep your options open, and perhaps low your expectations a little bit. The ideal would be to date men/women who really have many things in common with you, but never close the doors completely to the ones who initially may not be an absolute match. You never know if one of them can become the love of your life! And if not, you can make a new friend!
  • Attend events for Singaporean singles. You can try speed dating or even go to some of the famous weekly meetings for singles held at different venues across Singapore.
  • Let your social circle that you are actively looking for a romantic partner. A family member, one of your closest friend or even a work mate can introduce you, at any point, someone who may be right for you!
  • Enjoy the experience, and do not give up! Love is not easy to find. You will often find yourself involved in comic situations, other times your dates can be a mess, and other times you may spend a nice evening, but you will see that chemistry is not flowing. Take some time to learn about any mistakes, and keep searching. Love comes when less expected!