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5 First Date Tips for the Ladies

Last Update : April 1, 2016

Going on that first date with someone you met online can be extremely nerve racking. But you’ve most likely already hit it off chatting online and found interest in each other’s profiles. If you’re organizing your first date and find your nerves creeping in, here are five tips to ensure your date is spent chatting the night away and is not just an excruciatingly awkward silence.

#1 Relax

First and foremost remember to relax. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and feel you need to be a version of yourself that isn’t really you to impress. He’ll want to meet the real you so just relax and be yourself.

#2 Dress accordingly

You might think you need to look amazing for your first date, but make sure you dress for the activity. If you’re going for dinner then feel free to put on a sexy ensemble but if you’re going on a more laid back date, you might look out of place if you’re dressed in your little black which might make you uncomfortable.

#3 Listen

Turn off you put your phone on silent. You’re on a date after all. Be present and take interest in what he has to say and what he does.

#4 Talk

Just as listening is important, so is telling him about yourself. He wants to get to know you after all. Tell him some funny stories about yourself, be open and joke around. No matter how good you look on a date, what he will really remember is if he had fun.

#5 Don’t drink too much

Yeah, we know all about Dutch courage, but remember you’re on a first date so making a good impression is important. You don’t want to end up slurring your way through it

So there you have it some of our tips to help you make your first date a success. If you follow these there’s nothing to worry about!