Have you ever wanted to get involved in a romance like those from rom-com movies? Celebrities tend to do everything with style, including dating. If you are curious about the dating history, and about previous and current love stories from the biggest stars in Singapore and the entire planet, now you can have your interest satisfied with our “Dating as a Star” chronicles. In there, you will see how celebrities date and have a close look at their romantic relationships.

Dating as Jude Law

When it comes to romance, single women aspire to find Mr Right: an educated, confident, attractive, funny, and friendly man who is mature enough to openly show his feelings, and who is capable to balance his successful professional life with his family duties. Despite the fact that the perfect men[…]

Dating as Natalie Portman

Intelligence is sexy! It is true that, in spite people do not like to admit it, the first thing one notices, when is out on the dating market, is appearance. Causing a good first impression, and having some sort of physical chemistry is essential when you start dating someone. However,[…]

Dating as Norman Reedus

Undoubtedly, there is something appealing about artistic men. Some may not be very keen to express face-to-face their emotions when they fall in love with a woman, but it is kind of romantic to see how their feelings are portrayed on a painting or a sculpture. In spite, not having[…]

Dating as Rihanna

Love is like a roller coaster. Some days you are at the top, and others you are at the bottom with all of your energy taken, but what it is important is that it is you who decide to enjoy the ride. When it comes to dating, there nothing like[…]

Dating as Ryan Reynolds

Women love bad guys with a bit of sense of humour. That’s a fact! In some romantic flicks, for example, the rebel guy who breaks the rules, and is capable to fight for or even go as far as to the moon just for the love of a particular woman,[…]