Have you ever wanted to get involved in a romance like those from rom-com movies? Celebrities tend to do everything with style, including dating. If you are curious about the dating history, and about previous and current love stories from the biggest stars in Singapore and the entire planet, now you can have your interest satisfied with our “Dating as a Star” chronicles. In there, you will see how celebrities date and have a close look at their romantic relationships.

Dating as Casey Affleck

The countdown to the 89th Academy Awards has started, so it is the perfect time to have a look at the dating history of some of the nominees. The American actor and director Casey Affleck has landed his second Oscar nomination for Best Actor for his role in the familiar[…]

Dating as Sigourney Weaver

The decade of the 80s became cinematically very relevant thanks to those movies that included strong and independent feminine protagonists. These females redefined cinema roles and powerfully influenced a generation of women. Ladies like the actress Sigourney Weaver and her role as Lieutenant Ripley in the sci-fi saga “Alien” represented[…]

Dating as Kanye West

There are men who are famous because they stand out in a specific field. Some who are known for their infamous acts, and then there are men who have gained worldwide recognition thanks to several achievements. The American artist Kanye West is one of the latest ones. West became popular[…]

Dating as Jennifer Lawrence

Hollywood rom-coms have always portrayed an idealized world where an almost perfect woman, after some unfortunate events, ends up meeting his prince charming. However, real life is completely different, especially when it comes to relationships. The perfect commitment does not exist. One of the celebrities that breaks Hollywood stereotypes with[…]

Dating as Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Romantic flicks very often do not reflect how real relationships are. But one of the most popular rom-com that depicts modern love stories, how couples behave in real life, is the cult movie (500) days of Summer. The 35-year-old actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been praised by both film critics and[…]

Dating as Scarlett Johansson

There is the widespread conception that men only seek women who look perfect all the time, but in fact it is just the opposite. Most men love women who are not afraid to show their natural beauty.

Dating as Cristiano Ronaldo

When you are a famous person, and you are not committed to someone, you can experience your singledom at another level. There are many celebrities known for the big number of partners they have had during their dating history, and which often include other known personalities. One of those A-list[…]

Dating as Jennifer Lopez

Being a celebrity, and an inspiration for millions of women around the globe is not an easy task. One of the stars who is a reference as an artist, but also it is as a powerful woman is Jennifer Lopez. In spite, she has given a lot to talk about[…]

Dating as Jon Bon Jovi

Rock legends are meant to live on the edge. It often seems that the only rules they follow are the ones based on the old-school motto: sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll, and this is applied when it comes to their dating history as well. Most of them could write a best-seller[…]

Dating as Taylor Swift

Being a celebrity has its highs, and lows, but whatever happens in your personal life, it will hit the news at any given point. One of the famous personalities that is always on the spotlight, especially due to her love life, is the pop, and country singer, Taylor Swift. Her[…]