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Second date: Cinema & Restaurant

Last Update : March 26, 2019 by Georgia

Everyone focuses on nailing first dates.

There are hundreds of articles giving advice on how to master the first meeting. However, what dating experts don’t say is that second dates are as important as first encounters.

A second date is the best time to give your date a glimpse to your world, to who you are and what you love to do in your daily life. Singles usually are a bundle of nerves during a first date, they are so stressed that sometimes forget to be themselves.

A second date is a perfect excuse to show your date the real you! What are the best plans for a second date? In this new chapter of our Guide to an Exclusive Relationship in 5 dates, we offer you some date ideas to make your partner closer to you and get an extra level of intimacy.

Where to go on a second date?

You have already met your online date, and it seems that there are good vibes.

During your first date, you discovered that you two were attracted to each other, you shared a few life values, liked the same interests, enjoyed each other’s company and yes, you felt comfortable when there was some flirtation going on.

Now, it’s time to go one step further and meet your date in a quieter place to reach another level of intimacy.

A second date is the time to erase first-impression nerves and give yourselves the opportunity to connect deeply to see if there is a real chance of initiating a love story that leads to a long-term relationship.

One of the things to consider when planning a second date is to choose a venue where you can have a meaningful conversation and get closer.

While having a first date in a bar is a wonderful idea to get a first good impression of your online match as you are in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, going to the movies or a fancy restaurant during your second date is a great plan if you seek more privacy and want to create a meaningful connection.

Going to the movies: The best activity to start a Second Date

Nothing beats a classic second date where you start the evening going to the movies.

You can discover a lot from your date just from the film he/she chooses for your date number 2.

If you go for a comedy, it means that he/she believes that having a good sense of humor is important in the relationship.

If you watch an action, sci-fi or horror film, it’s a sign that he/she loves adventure.

Another option is to go for contemporary auteur cinema. You can later spend quite a lot of time debating about the film’s message.

Choosing other genres like historical dramas or westerns are a bit risky as they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Many believe that a second date at the movies is a waste of time because the interaction between two people decreases during the screening of a film, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot choose other ways of communicating with each other.

In fact, sitting next to your date in the dark enjoying a very entertaining movie is the perfect excuse to make a move and initiate subtle physical contact.

A movie session could be the perfect starter for a memorable second date night!

Going to a restaurant on a Second Date: Let’s seduce with food!

There’s an old saying that suggests that the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach.

It’s undeniable that food plays a key role in seduction, aphrodisiac food in particular.

Inviting your date to a fancy restaurant where you engage in an in-depth conversation while tasting a delicious meal accompanied by a good bottle of wine and a seductive dessert, can spark the flame of passion.

Going to a restaurant to have dinner on your second date requires some preparation.

You first need to think about what kind of restaurant you want to take your date.

Make sure you check with your date if he/she’s got some food restrictions: any allergies, food dislike or exotic preferences.

There’s nothing as embarrassing than inviting your date to a handmade gourmet burgers restaurant and finding out that he/she is vegan.

If you don’t know what’s your date’s favorite meal, you can always go to a restaurant offering a big variety of dishes.

Having a romantic dinner in a restaurant requires to follow a specific dating etiquette.

You should consider from your outfit to the wine you select, the dishes you order and share with your date or even think about who pays the bill!

The way you manage all of this and behave during your second date at a restaurant can be decisive to the future of your relationship.

Below, you can find a few things to consider if you want to master your second date at a restaurant:

  • Reserve a table in a restaurant that offers a romantic, cozy and friendly atmosphere and a great selection of dishes to choose from. Check first with your date what would be the best option!
  • The dress code is important: Dress to impress if you are going to a fancy restaurant. You don’t need to wear something that’s very posh or super elegant, but don’t go with baggy trousers either. For men: a shirt or polo with formal pants and shoes are the best! For women: a casual dress with high heels would do the trick!
  • Who should pay dinner? Nowadays, dating is more feminist than ever! There’s still some debate on who should invite who during the first dates. A fair solution is to invite your date, and agree on being invited the next time you have dinner at a restaurant or simply split the bill

Your second date shouldn’t be as stressful as the first one, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to take it for granted.

A lot of things can happen during the second meeting: you can get to know your date in-depth and see if you really are meant for each other.

It’s the time to open yourself, reveal some secrets about you and create meaningful connections!

A second date is a previous step to inviting your date to your place to enjoy a romantic dinner, so better to play your best cards!

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