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Free or Fee dating sites?

Last Update : November 24, 2016

If you’re just getting into the idea of online dating, there are two options open you. You can either try one of the many free online dating sites, or one where you need to pay a membership fee. Whichever one you choose, make sure it’s a dating site which meets all your requirements. After all, to succeed in the online dating game, you’ve got be confident about what you want. Do you want a serious relationship with someone who has exactly the same interests as you, or are you looking for a bit of casual fun with a like minded character? While the free dating websites often offer simple matching functions, you may find that the subscription based websites have a more advanced way of matching you with a potential partner.

Fee free dating websites

If you want a quick match, the free dating sites are probably a safe bet. There are hundreds of sites out there simply existing to set up a quick introduction. Some of them will be targeted just for your part of the country, while some are more of a national directory of single people.

A drawback with free dating websites is their lack of features which the paid websites can offer. They’re also an easy target for people who make fake profiles and identities online. Scammers and jokers don’t have to pay anything, and it’s unlikely that every profile is checked for honest information, so be careful. If you’re happy that you can spot a diamond in the rough, they’re a great way of finding new friends, widening your social circle, or meeting people to play sports or join team activities with.

Free dating sites may not have the best track record as a way to meet someone for a serious relationship, but they’re a quick and easy way to get into the online dating world and introduce yourself to some new people.

Build a relationship using subscription dating Sites

The most famous and highly regarded websites are usually the ones which require you to pay to join. After you’ve paid your subscription fee, researchers will ask you to fill out a detailed questionnaire about your personality, likes and dislikes. They’ll ensure that your data is kept confidential and remains safe. One real benefit of a paid for dating website membership is the peace of mind you’ll get from knowing your information is stored securely.

Once your questionnaire has been entered onto their system, the website will analyse your answers and compare them to the answers which others have given on their questionnaire when they joined. With the help of complicated and powerful computer programmes, they’ll be able to scan every questionnaire on their system, and match you with a group of fellow singles who sound like they could be a good match for you. It will have taken into account your requirements for a partner, your interests, values, and location.

Do you get what you pay for?

Many single people are happy to pay a subscription to a dating website to guarantee a better quality of service. They feel that by paying a fee to be a member, they’ll find a someone as conscientious as they are, which they might not get on a free website. They’re looking for someone with the same motivations that they have – someone who genuinely wants a serious relationship, a high quality profile with a photo and detailed description, and a good description of what they’re looking for in a companion.

Wherever you decide to sign up, be prepared to meet all kinds of people. Some who are looking for a long term partner, some who are just looking for a casual fling to waste some time with. If you’re after a quality result, it’s probably a better idea to try a subscription based dating website and go from there.

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