#FridayDating recipes

The Kitchen Romance is a new trend in Dating that shoulb be taken very seriously. Indeed one of the quickest ways to win the heart of our date is through food. That is why in this section you will find the best and most romantic recipes which will melt your date. Are you ready to make the most of your date ? Welcome home-made food into your life.


Pasta with almond, basil and pecorino pesto for a boosting date

Almonds, an ancient symbol of romance and love Almonds are considered an one of the oldest food aphrodisiac. A great symbo of fertility, romance and love. It turns out that almonds are not only very tasty but they are also very healthy. Its high levels of omega-3 fats, an essential[…]


Celery Caesar Salad to seduce your date

Celery, or how to boost the subtle smell to seduce the ladies Even though the aphrodisiac properties of the celery have been considered a myth for a long time, it turns out that celery has many benefits for the sexual and overall health. Not only raw celery has been the remedy against[…]


Home-made pine nuts pesto with pasta for an intimate date

Pine nuts, the perfect ingredient for a love potion Pine nuts are very rich in zinc, an essential element to help with fertility and sex drive. Their aphrodisiac reputation apparently started in regards to the effort that was required in order to collect them. A great health ally, it is[…]


Thai-style mussels for a winter date

Mussels, to increase passion and energy Mussels were a very popular delight in the ancient Greece as they were part of the symbolism around Aphrodite, the famous goddess of love. Mussels are very nutritional as they are a source of protein, iron, selenion and zinc which are very important for[…]


Lucky foods for a romantic 2017

2016 is now coming to an end and the new year is around the corner. Before you start the New year with a list of good resolutions, there are some little steps you can follow just before entering in 2017 to mae sure you put all the best luck on[…]


Sticky Date Christmas pudding, to celebrate love

Dates, exostism in Christmas Dates have always been considered as an exotic fruit, delights of the dry deserts. In fact, dates are considered a great ally in Iran for those that are struggling with their passionate life. Aside from its numerous health benefits, dates boot energy and revitalize the body. It[…]


Cinnamon Christmas biscuits, for a festive date

Cinnamon, health, warmth and passion Cinnamon has been praised as a powerful aphrodisiac throughout history. Not only its scented sticks bring in us the most festive and joyful feelings, but its spicy taste also heats the body quite quickly. The reason behind is that cinnamon is a source of manganese,[…]


Brooklyn Blackout Chocolate Cake, to shorten distances with your date

Chocolate : competitor or ally for sex and romance ? According to historical records, the Aztecs were already aware of the strong aphrodisiac powers of chocolate… their emperor would consume it to boost his sexual encounters… If we come back to our present, scientists have actually found out that chocolate[…]


Salmon and asparagus quiche for a flirty date

Asparagus, passion and desire Asparagus have been appraised for being a great source of Vitamin E and a great weapon to boost sex drive (due to the presence of folid acid which boost the production of hormones related to orgasm). French tradition tells that in the 19th century, brides were[…]


Enchilada verde with serrano peppers for a daring night

Serrano chili peppers : an invigorating sensation for a special night These little peppers are known for their spicy power as well as their exotic reputation. With a great powerful red (or green ) colour, this is one of the favourite ingredients of the real seekers of sensuality. The explanation[…]