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Finding a potential partner in just a few clicks

Last Update : January 18, 2017

Nowadays, most Singaporean singles are so busy with their daily duties and tight schedules that hardly have time to look for a potential partner.

There are plenty of dating websites that can help you easily meet other educated men and women from your area in the look for a serious relationship.

In addition, some platforms like Academic Singles offer you the chance to connect with other ambitious singles in a faster way and while on the go thanks to their dating apps.

Find your best matches quick

Speed and flexibility are very important for those busy professional singles in the search for a potential partner.

The Academic Singles app has been designed exclusively for scholars whose intention is to get a date as fast as possible with someone who shares the same busy lifestyle.

In comparison to the main website, the app simplifies the matchmaking process by using a shorter compatibility test.

In just a few minutes, after answering a few questions about your desired relationship and dreamed partner, you will be presented with dozens of local matches.

Getting a date and within minutes

Modern dating is about connecting online with lots of singles living nearby and making a move fast in order to get a date offline with someone who has caught your attention.

Matchmaking apps usually present you with the best matches in a daily basis, so you do not have to spend hours and hours browsing profiles to find a man/woman who meets your criteria.

All you would need to do is to express that you are interested in your match and then, simply send a private message to get to know each other and set a date for your first encounter!

*Photo by miya227 | ShutterStock.