Dating myth or reality? – Kissing on the second date

Last Update : March 1, 2017

Nowadays, it is said that many singles in the search for a long-lasting commitment, and even those who already are in a serious relationship, tend to follow some specific dating rules, which have gain popularity over the years, in order to make their love life to succeed.

In the first episode of this new “Dating: myth or reality?” chronicle, we question one of the dating’s classic theories: Kissing or not kissing on the second date?

The Dating hypothesis: daters tend to kiss on the second date

In his book published in 2006, “Breakthrough for a Broken Heart”, the Pulitzer nominee, and famous author, and relationship coach, Paul F. Davis, concludes, after doing some research, that on average, daters tend to kiss for the first time on the second date.

Men’s perspective

Despite, the rules in the art of seduction have changed over the years, generally it still is expected that the one who has to make the first move, and kiss the other part should be the guy.

Nowadays, both single men, and women are more open in their first dates, and they even take more risks when it comes to physical contact, but, does this mean that the desired first kiss comes even before the second date? It all depends on the signs sent, but nowadays, men tend to go for it in the first encounter. If there is flirtation, and a mutual attraction, why you should wait for the second date to kiss her?

Women’s perspective

Women practically think, and often behave in the same way as men when it comes to giving the first kiss. The roles not only have changed in the past years, inspiring women to get the initiative to make the first move, but nowadays, many females also prefer not to wait for the second date to do so.

If a woman is really attracted to the guy standing in front of her, it seems that there is no time to waste. Many females think that kissing on the first date it is more romantic, and also believe that a peck often can determine if there is chemistry with their date.

Dating myth or reality?

Signs, signs, signs! Everything depends on the situation, on every couple, and on the date itself, but it seems that the kissing deal has changed over the years! Although some singles still prefer to wait for the second encounter (and sometimes even more) to give/receive that desired first kiss, nowadays, kissing on the first date it is not only socially accepted, but it also it is becoming like the new “norm” as more, and more single men/women go for it at the end of their first meeting. All in all, it seems that kissing on the second date is starting to become a myth!