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Seduction Tips

Last Update : April 1, 2016

Seduction is everywhere: between two colleagues at work, two actors in a film, messages exchanged on a dating sites, or two strangers waiting for their bus. There’s no doubt you’ve either been or seduced yourself or seen it done right in front of you.

Some attempts at seduction have resulted in success while others can turn out to be a waste of time. If you want to avoid the latter and succeed in seducing someone, you need to learn the basic rules. But use these wisely; don’t just seduce everyone in your path just because you can. With great power comes great responsibility 😉
Here are some simple rules to keep in mind as you learn the Art of Seduction:

#1 Seduction is a game, not war!

The opposite sex is not an enemy! You’re not setting out to battle, but rather looking to make contact with another person, who has feelings and will, need require a certain amount of tact. If your first date is spent speaking about your endless love for the person you’ll be taking a big risk, and no doubt scaring them off

#2. Don’t be an open book!

Some people may say it’s good to be completely honest from the word go. But if you want a chance at love and really want to seduce someone, a little mystery is good. If you reveal everything about yourself, flaws and all, on the first date, or on your dating profile, there’s no excitement in having to get to know you.

#3. Be confident

If you appreciate yourself, others will too. If you’re not confident within yourself how will others? Seduce yourself first! Splash out and buy yourself a new dress or a new suit – anything to make you feel good about yourself. The art of seduction isn’t just about nice words and bouquet of flowers; it’s about opening yourself up to the world, having a positive attitude and putting on your best face.

#4. Don’t let failure put you down.

It happens to the best of us; you either get turned down or rejected in some shape or form. Whether it’s someone you were chatting to on a dating site or someone you’ve already been on a few dates with. If it doesn’t turn out the way you hoped don’t dwell, and don’t try to turn that person into something they’re not. Just move on and learn from the experience.
So to sum it all up, work on loving yourself before you seek the love of others: build up your self-esteem, work on your weaknesses and don’t be put off by rejections. By following these simple, yet effective, tips, you’ll become a seduction expert!