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How to to be irresistible to men

Last Update : April 1, 2016

Being irresistible to a man isn’t just about dressing sexy, that may catch his eye, but really being irresistible to a man is more about your attitude and your character. Here are some of the traits men find irresistible in women.


One of the most important factors when wanting to be irresistible to the opposite sex. A confident woman is sexy and happy, meaning she will be happy in a relationship. If you’re not confident work on that, but until then, fake it ‘til you make it.

Be mysterious

Keep him guessing a bit, let his imagination run a little before you reveal everything about yourself. There’s a certain amount of truth to the saying “treat them mean, keep them keen” Studies have shown that we are most attracted to people when we don’t know exactly how they feel about us.


Men don’t like to be stressed; they like to think of a relationship as an escape from the stresses in their life, not the cause of one. If you’re easy going and cool to be around, men will want spend time with you! Don’t overanalyze everything or get too emotional. Don’t sweat the small stuff and you’ll be fine.


A woman that has a good sense of humor tends to put people in her presence at ease meaning people enjoy being in her presence. Show your funny side and he’ll surely want to get to know you better.


Men like to feel like just that, a man! To encourage this you need to embrace your feminine side. This doesn’t mean not being a strong independent woman, it just means that you need to for example dress feminine or if he wants to pay let him. Stoke his ego in this way and you won’t regret it when he’s falling at your feet.

So next time you’re getting to know a new man, remember these tips, be a funny confident mysterious and drama-free woman. This won’t just be helpful to you in your love-life, but also in your personal life!